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Grants, Fellowships, 
and Resume


SPIKE! Grant


The SPIKE! Art Grant was awarded to me in the fall of 2022 as a secured financing option to direct Dear Dad (2022).

Thank you to the SPIKE! Grant committee for accepting my proposal.

Abernathy Grant


The Abernathy Grant was a fully funded research program to write a screenplay about First Lady Edith Wilson with mentorship from writer/producer Andrew Sodroski. With these funds, I was able to self-produce and direct Casting Dad. 

Thank you to the Abernathy Grant committee for accepting my proposal. 


ACEX Foundation Writer's Initiative Fellowship


Selected as 1 of 5 up-and-coming screenwriters to participate in a 15-week writer's room in LA, with the aim of developing an original series

Andrew Sodroski's Writing Mentee


5-month mentorship from Andrew Sodroski (Manhunt) where he helped develop my writing and culminated in writing 'President Edith Wilson' a spec-feature script

MPI Short Screenplay Lab Fellowship


A 3 month program of mentorship in writing short film scripts and building story structure. 

Smock Media Fellowship


A 3 month program of editing mentorship by working movie editors.

Moving Picture Institute Summer Series Fellowship


A 5 month speaker program designed to build connections and become well rounded in the filmmaking process.


Film Sessions Podcast: Wes Clark Inspirational Interview

18min 29sec


For my current resume. 

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